Peterbilt 357 with East Genesis Dump Body - YELLOW

Peterbilt 357 with East Genesis Dump Body - YELLOW

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East Genesis Dump On Peterbilt 357 Chassis


Presented here is an East Genesis tipping dump body mounted to a Peterbilt 357 chassis. The model is of die-cast metal construction and features a host of details found on the real truck. The cab doors open to reveal a detailed interior and metal wing mirrors, supplied in the box are fitted to the cab frame.

The battery compartment features a removable cover revealing the batteries inside while the opposite side has a chrome fuel tank and exhaust stack. The engine cover opens forward to reveal the fully detailed engine bay inside and the radiator is visible through the etched front grill. The cab roof has a number of holes where the metal air horns need to be fitted.

The diecast metal wheels are fitted with rubber tyres complete with authentic tread pattern and the front wheels are steerable with fenders that extend over the wheels and have flexible rubber mud flaps. There is one helper axle fitted with a single tyre which can be raised off the ground and locked in the raised position.

The East Genesis dump body is fully die-cast with authentic ribbing and top mounted tarpaulin cover, made from real fabric material and stitched with hold down metal hooks and flexible tie down straps at the rear. Flexible rubber mud guards are fitted to the rear of the dump bed and have accurate East logo's printed in white.

The tipping cylinder is stiff enough to support the body weight in any position chosen and the hydraulic fluid tank for the piston is fitted behind the cab. The chassis has detailed suspension and fully reproduced drive train and is finished with swing up safety bars which keep the body in the raised position The tarpaulin cover is held on the model by two long metal bars, one on each side and the cover and curved metal supports can be removed however, it is not that easy to get the cover back on again once it has been removed.

The East Genesis dump body features the most detailed tailgate I have ever seen on a model. There are side mounted handles which swing round to lock the tailgate closed while the orientation allows for both bottom and side opening. There is also a small working shutter which opens when the lever is raised.

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