Mammoet coke drum move

Mammoet coke drum move

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The Mammoet Coke Drum Move was a significant engineering achievement in Canada in the winter of 2005-06 when four massive Coke Drums were transported over 300 miles from the fabrication shop to the installation site.  Each Coke Drum weighed around 430 tonnes and they were transported in a convoy in pairs and the entire transport configuration was 213m long, 11.5m high and 10.3m wide.

This model celebrates the Coke Drum Move and replicates the vehicles and drum used.

As the real Coke Drum was huge, in 1:50 scale the model is enormous too, with the drum about 86cm long and the full model around 1.8m long.  It includes a Western Star 4964SX-1 Tractor as lead-off, two Kenworth C500B tractors at the rear, and 12 Scheuerle InterCombi Modules in Canadian road-going configuration.


The model first appeared in June 2011 and was produced in a run of 600 models.

Very Rare 


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  • SCALE:1/50